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The 34th DOOMension


The title screen that parodies the DOOM title screen La 34ème DOOMension (The 34th DOOMension) is a FPS (technically a ZDoom mod) developped by Max le Fou, based on the ZDoom engine and specifically made for GZDoom. The development started in 2014 and the game is a sort of interactive sequel to the La 34ème Dimension series, a bit like a third season.


Max le Fou finally could get back on Earth and was living peacefully… Then one day, probably because of the mean behaviour of humans that was still living, The Grand Machin resurrects and finds a way to get to the Earth. His goal is no more conquer all the worlds. Now, all he wants is to get his revenge on Max le Fou.

The Grand Machin made an army and started marching towards Max's house in a morning. Alerted, Jade Sheppard wakes up Max and he goes on the adventure again. But this time, he has no superpowers anymore and must survive with whatever he finds…


Max, Brian and Lili in their own avatars in a multiplayer game. The game is a First-Person Shooter where you must find a portal to access the next level. This portal is usually guarded by simple puzzles or Harmony Keys locked mechanisms.

The levels are based on one or more universe one can find in the 34th Dimension and are infested of ennemies. But Max and his team can have a bunch of weapons to survive it. The game has a scoring system and a Golden Coin system just like the Super Mario series.

Some levels might have a boss or miniboss to defeat.

The player can either play as Max le Fou, Brian Gisborn or Dark_Lili. The three characters have different stats and superpowers.

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