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Crédits de 34DOOM

Ceci est le contenu du lump credits.txt qui crédite tout les assets ne venant pas directement de Max.

(Please contact me if you recognize any sprite map or texture you own so I can add you here.)

3D Realms:				Duke Nukem sprites and textures
A_A_RonHD:				Among Us level music
AceTheDragon:				Dubstep gun model
Banshee:				Highway 80 level music (Dance with the dead)
Blue Shadow:				Chandelier sprites
bravo:					Chandelier sprites
captainpollution:			Tron textures for Doom
Captain Toenail:			T800 sprites, strobelight sprites, Wall Torch sprites, column sprites
Ceeb:					Dark Forces textures
ChequerChequer:				Goof Troop level music
Crazy Ivan:				Stormtrooper sprites
Dodopod:				Flashlight system
Dolphman:				Krang sprites
Dreadopp:				Ammosphere and Shells box sprites
Dunkelschwamm:				Harmony Centaur sprites
Dzierzan: 				Stormtrooper sprites
ETTiNGRiNDER:				Burning log sprites
Freedoom team:				Radiation suit sprites, some effects sprites
Fritz Langhart:				Some portions on some levels
FuzzyBlaze:				Iron pipes sprites
Gez:					T800 sprites
Ghastly_dragon:				Backpack sprite, nuke barrel sprite
Gothic:					Metal torches sprites
Gigasoft: 				Grand Machin's Lair music
IB:					Not-Hitler sprites
Kazamy:					Xana boss music
Kevin MacLeod:				Theater level music
Kristofer Yffén:			Melee Island level music
The Longest Johns:			Moby Duck theme (and concept a bit)
Madotsuki1997 (maybe?):			Yume Nikki level music
Mister Man:				7 Grand Dad sprites elements
Mod. Gen Project Team:			Sonic and Amy sprites
Necrodome:				Trees and bush sprites
NerdKoopa: 				Voxel vehicles
nintendolover2010: 			Fifi La Fume sprite
Omega:					7 Grand Dad sprites elements
Ourumov:				Original Doom map of Goldeneye 64
ramon.dexter:				TES Daggerfall Skeleton
Rip and Tear:				Boss health bar system
Sam Trenholme:				Some portions on some levels
ShadowCaster:				T800 sprites
Sir Squidly:				TES Daggerfall Skeleton
Skulltag Team:				Original Railgun sprites
slb94:					Starlight sprite
Sourindipity:				Pedobear sprites
theartsyemporium:			Starlight sprite
TODM:					Chandelier sprites
Tormentor667:				Duke3D textures
trini-mite:				Magic mirror sprite				Squidward's AI voice

Players, Jade, Bowsette and Ashley's sprites made with Koikatsu.
All the rest made by Max le Fou and/or unknown, found on the Internet.
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