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With this power, Max le Fou calls for the spirit of Bruce Lee for barehand fighting. This makes him hit very fast but not at full power.

The Bruce Lee Dragon Fist is a combo of punches similar to Hokuto no Ken's signature technique.

Season 1

This technique is used for the first time in the episode 5 by Max le Fou during the Grand Tournament.

In the episode 7, Steefleur suggests Max to use Hokuto no Ken's technique to open a break in a wall in the Purgatory labyrinth. But Max mistakes it with the Bruce Lee Dragon Fist which doesn't have any effect on walls.

La 34ème DOOMension

Use of the Dragon Fist

The Dragon Fist is a weapon in La 34ème DOOMension. It is given by Clyde in the level Escape from Purgatory.

While the main shooting key is pressed, the player chains punches very fast. When the key is released, the chain breaks in a overpowered kick. The Herculade doesn't raise the power of the punches but does it for the kick. The power of this kick depends of the choosen character but the punches power is the same for everyone. Probably because these punches are made for speed.